Hi, we are the Key family. We are a family of four living, working & exploring the USA in our Airstream.

We grew tired of the rat race and living for the weekends. So we took a bold step in a new direction with our lives. We traded in the American Dream for a simpler more fulfilled life. One full of adventure, new places, new experiences and new friendships.

And we haven’t looked back.


We created this blog for you; our trusted friends. To share our stories, adventures, and lessons from the road. From the gear we use to the places we go and the friends, we meet along the way.

If you’re considering a bold new direction in life; and stepping outside your comfort zone, we want you to see you can live your dreams too.

Our hope is that by sharing our knowledge and experience you can benefit.


We’re minimalists, eat paleo and are unashamed sci-fi nerds. If you want to play Scrabble, Uno or Settlers of Catan we are game.

But our hearts most come alive outside. Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or off-roading in Moab. We are on the look out for adventure and exciting places to visit and things to do.


The patriarch of this family. Nomad, Adventurer, Polymath, Autodidact. Mike enjoys reading old books, eating paleo, drinking whiskey, lifting heavy things, working with his hands and living dangerously.


Wife, Mom, and the glue that holds us all together, JorDanée loves living in tiny spaces, exploring big backyards, and encouraging our two girls to grow and explore.


Alex for short; is a toddler built for tiny house living. She really enjoys life on the road. Her favorite past times are jumping in mud puddles, climbing everything, playing in the water and collecting rocks.


Cassie for short; is the youngest member of our tiny traveling clan. She enjoys waking up with the sun and pulling her sister’s hair.