Our First Week Full Timing

JorDanee 3 minute read

Well, we’re officially 1 week in to full-timing. Is it all we’d thought it be? Yep! You bet it is, and like we thought, it’s not all glamour and glitz.

Sure, we landed a pretty sweet campsite in a really nice state park.

Sure, we’ve had amazing internet connection thanks to the park’s free WiFi.

Sure, we’ve been out hiking, off-roading, and exploring at some point each day this week.

Sure, we’ve slept better, felt better, and otherwise have been world’s happier than we were in suburbia.

So what’s the downside to all this? Well, nothing, to be honest, and we can say that because we had the right expectations going in.

See, on our first day here in Vogel State Park we discovered that our Airstream had been on fire at some point in the previous 26 hours. Granted, it was a small flame that only melted a drainage hose and damaged some wires. But it was a fire fueled by propane and could have been much worse.

On our country road drive from Florida to Vogel, we planned to Walmart camp. Turns out, cities are really cracking down on this nice benefit. So an hour of our lives was spent with two kids crying while we trudged on in the darkness to the next Walmart. It was only an hour of our lives, but it was a long hour. (For future reference: http://www.allstays.com/apps/)

We also discovered our hitch ball was loose and the nut requires a 1 7/8in wrench/socket, which no one in the few nearby towns carries. We’re also amused its the one thing we don’t seem to be carrying with us.

We also had a few latches break on us, and my brand new floor has a really nice gouge in it. I had purchased some latches to replace some worn ones. The worn latches still need to be replaced, and my floor still has a gouge in it.

Airganization is going much slower than we had planned. Only the closet and one overhead bin are organized. Yet, the expectation to have it done yesterday is the one I placed on myself. There’s always tomorrow.

We knew going into this that it wasn’t always glamorous like Instagram can make it seem. It’s still a house, and it’s a house on wheels. Things will break, tempers will flare, and repairs will need to be performed on the fly. But in the end, we’re still happy.

We’re happy to face each challenge as it presents itself. We’re happy to grow individually and as a family together. We’re happy to set our own schedule and our own pace. We’re happy to be away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle. We’re just happy. There are no regrets. There’s just an eye roll and a chuckle (or groan) as the next unexpected thing happens. Meanwhile, there are new places to be explored, new people to meet, new things to discover, and new vistas to experience.

Did I mention the truck also developed an exhaust leak? It’s okay though. I’m writing this post sitting by a bubbling creek, warmed by a beautiful (and intentional) fire, while distractedly gazing at the stars overhead.

Yep, still happy.