Why we are selling it all to live our dreams

1 minute read

After our first child was born we began to re-evaluate our life together and the goals we had set for ourselves. We had become dissatisfied with the status quo of our average suburban lives.

We had bought into the American dream. A dream that tells you to work hard in school, get a good job, get married, buy a house, fill the house with stuff, have kids, buy more stuff, and *then* retire and you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Forget “someday” though. What about now? What if for some reason there was no “someday” waiting for us?

We asked ourselves, “If we knew we only had __ more days/months/years to live, what would we do?” The answer was immediately obvious: we would travel.

Forget the conventional! Forget someday. We were trading away the best years of our life for the almighty steady paycheck with the intention that someday we could enjoy everything we earned.

In March during a trip to Portland, Oregon we determined that we would no longer put off our dreams for some distant future realization. We were going to be bold and take risks. We were going outside our comfort zone and do whatever it takes to make our dreams of traveling full time a reality.

We would trade the American dream for OUR DREAM. And we would start living in the now.