29 Days Here We Go

Mike 2 minute read

The countdown is on! In 29 days we’re launching ourselves into our full-time adventure.

A lot of sweat, tears and blood have gone into this process.

Over the past 6 months we have sold 3 cars, all our furniture and most of all our possessions. We have moved out of our old house, and we welcomed our second daughter into our family.

The past two weeks have been the most stressful at times.

As I mentioned early, we welcomed our second daughter into our family. Cassandra wasn’t due until April 6th, but she came two weeks early on the 15th.

We had our final yard sale, and took the left overs to a The Salvation Army. Then came the process of moving out of our house. For us downsizing and knowing what to do with all the little loose ends is more difficult than moving your stuff from one house to another. At least with moving you can just shove things in a box and worry about what to do with it later.

But downsizing requires thinking about every little thing you own and what to do with it.

Sell it, Donate it or Chuck it.

But, I can say it’s all behind us. As of April 1st we are out of our house. ( If you’re wondering, we rented. We’ve only been in Florida for 3yrs and hadn’t determined where we wanted to live just yet. Luckily we decided to chase this dream before buying.)

We’re staying with in-laws for the next 29 days while we finish up some tasks before hitting the road. Doctors visits, shots, change of address, and all the other small details.

I can say, it feels a lot less stressful now. Yes there are still things to do, but we’re over the biggest hill.