87 Days And Some Great News

JorDanee 2 minute read

23 days down. 87 more to go.

We’ve scheduled our big, massive yard sale for the last weekend in February/first weekend in March. I’m hoping we’ll see most everything go in that sale that hasn’t already moved on Craigslist or isn’t going in the Airstream with us. I’m pretty confident that I’ve sorted 80% of the house for the sale. Now that the Corvette is sold (and out of the garage), I’ll start moving garage sale items out there and out of the spare bedroom. That’ll give me a chance to get everything priced and take a final inventory of what’s what.

This also means some serious adjustment for Mike and I for March. All the furniture will go, dishes will go, and all the comforts that remain will be gone. We’ll be living like newlyweds fresh out of college, with just the bare bones to exist and a borrowed couch to sit on. I’m really excited about the prospect!

We’ve also had some big changes in the last few weeks. The first change is definitely a blessing for me. Originally we had planned on staying in the Airstream for the month of April at a local park. There were a few challenges with that, and a few concerns, that I never really brought up with Mike. The first was that Baby #2 is due that first week of April. So we’d be moving/transitioning into a new home and I’d be alone with 2 under 2 while recovering from the c-section. Yeah, I was stressing out just thinking about it.

But then my parents offered to let us stay with them for a month. They adore Alex, and any chance to spend time with their granddaughters before we left the state was important to them. This means I’ll have a ton of extra help and be able to focus on bonding and recovery. YAY! It’ll also be easier to visit with family after the birth of Baby #2.

Plus, it’s free. Can’t beat free, over $800+ electric to stay at a park here in the snow-bird capitol.

The second change is unexpected and definitely awesome. Mike’s job has agreed to let him go remote full-time!! So instead of leaving his job at the end of April and trying to develop his freelance work while on the road, Mike can take his current job and income on the road. The stability of that monthly paycheck on top of mine is a very welcomed change.

So that’s the major update for now. Looking forward to what the next few weeks brings!