An Update about our Blog

Mike 1 minute read

We haven’t posted much content to our site in the past several months.

Since posting about “Why we are selling it all to live our dreams” we have since purchased our Airstream and our Tow Vehicle.

We’ve already been camping several times now. And begun work customizing our Airstream to suit our needs.

The plan for our site over the next few months is two fold. First to detail the transition from our suburban lifestyle, to a full-time traveling lifestyle. We have a lot to document, as there is plenty to do in this transition.

Second to detail modifications to our Airstream. Recently I had read an article that details why you should always share your knowledge. And that’s something I want to do here.

Also, expect a few trip reports sprinkled in here and there.

We just finished spending 7 days from December 28th, 2014 to Janurary 4th, 2015 at Salt Springs Recreation Area. And it gave us a lot to think about in regards to the site.

So, for those who’ve stumbled here from our instagram feed, apologies for the lack of updates.