Desire Follows Direction

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Sometimes we get ourselves into a rut, where we just lack the motivation to get things done. We’ve got goals, but no real passion or drive to pursue them. As a consequence of lack of motivation we find it difficult to even start.

But the key to self motivation is ACTION.

Ask yourself, have you ever felt like not doing something, but you did it anyways and then felt better for having done it?

That’s emotion following direction. The plain truth is, that without direction your emotional state will be all over the place.

Take action in the direction you want to go and your feelings will follow.

Easy sage advice; but implementation takes a bit of work, grit and determination.

Next time you don’t feel like getting that task done, just do it anyways, push thru the emotion of not feeling like it. The motivation to complete the task will follow.

Don’t feel like working out? Work out anyways.