Selling Our Crap – July Update

2 minute read

There’s a distinct challenge that we face. We have no patience. Well, let me rephrase, we have a hard time with patience. We’re ready to be on the road *now*. Selling our stuff just motivates us to get there faster!

We’ve had a successful month of selling big items on Craigslist. The Eames chair, Brazilian Mid Century Modern coffee and end tables, wrought iron glass dinning room set, Mid Century Modern Dutch bookcase, and a few other items. Ebay has also been helpful in selling our second Mac monitor, a bunch of Apple gear (iPod, Airport), and miscellaneous truck parts. In all, we’ve made over $1500, which we’ve applied towards our vehicle fund.

We’ve cleaned out our guest room, donating or tossing all the furniture and bed. The closet, which had been used for a dumping ground, was cleaned out, sorted, organized, and items removed. For now the workout equipment will reside in that room.

The kitchen has been purged of useless glasses, mugs, bowls and cookware that are no longer used and were donated. Eventually we’ll have to par that down even more, replacing all our flatware with lighter plastic instead of heavy ceramic. Not only is space a premium, weight is also a consideration in an Airstream.

We’ve tried to keep our baby gear to a minimum. We realize Alexandra will be a year old when we hit the road, so each item we purchase is carefully considered for length of use and how it’ll work in an Airstream. Still trying to figure out the highchair situation. :)

At first I was caught up in the “sell everything we can!” mindset, and then as I watched items go, I questioned our decision to sell things so soon. Where were we going to sit in the dinning room? What we’re we going to put our drinks on in the living room? I was torn between the happiness of decluttering our life and the thought of, am I ready for this?

Then I realized, as long as we’re comfortable, we won’t be as productive in achieving our goals. We’d be more inclined to let ourselves get lazy and unfocused.

So now I’m back to “sell everything we can!”, as if selling all our stuff now will magically make the Airstream appear in the driveway that much faster. Wouldn’t that be nice?